Support from ALEPH

Dear Rimon community,

Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Rachel; some of you may know me as the rabbi in North Adams. I’m also co­chair, with Rabbi David Evan Markus, of ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal, and of the two co­chairs I’m the one who works with our Network communities.
I’ve just learned about the situation facing Rimon, and wanted to write immediately to offer both support and some ideas for moving forward.

Of course if it becomes possible to raise enough money to keep Rabba Kaya as your spiritual leader, m​ah tov​­­ how wonderful that would be! And if not, here are some options that come to mind, from the most substantive to the least:

● Monthly Shabbatonim with ALEPH m​usmachim​(ordinees). Since Rimon is a member of the ALEPH Network, you have access to spiritual leaders who have been ordained by ALEPH. I know several ALEPH musmachim who live with reasonable driving distance of the Berkshires and who might be interested in being retained for a monthly Shabbaton and for holidays such as the Days of Awe.

● Monthly Shabbatonim with ALEPH students. The same general theory, though we would seek to match you with an ALEPH Ordination Programs student rather than an ordained rabbi.

● Quarterly Shabbatonim, either with musmachim or with students, and meeting otherwise in a purely lay­led fashion. (If any of your members want to increase lay leadership skills, ALEPH has a program called the Davenen Leadership Training Institute which I can’t recommend highly enough.)

Please know that we want to help and we are here to support you in whatever ways we can.
I look forward to seeing many of y’all at the Shavuot retreat that ALEPH is co­presenting at Isabella Freedman.

Until then, I wish you blessings on the road toward Sinai.
Rabbi Rachel Barenblat

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